April 16, 2024 11:15am - April 16, 2024 12pm

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Speaker: David Matheson (SmartOrg)


One definition of a leader is someone who creates a future that is not the momentum of the past. As decisions get further from “momentum”, they increasingly require attention to “heart” issues: how do you motivate strong action in a potentially frightening direction? Traditional DQ, which focuses on “head” issues – how to find a good answer – is only part of the story, and inadequate to guide leaders or mobilize real commitment among their followers in these situations. This powerful new lens on decision making will increase your connection as an ally to decision leaders and improve your ability to diagnose situations and guide decision processes. Traditional boundaries blur, such as the idea that there is a clear decision maker or that execution follows a decision, in a way that increases the insight and impact of the decision professional. While the society has developed a good foundation in this area, it is just the beginning: complex decision-intensive problems such as the energy transition or digitization of the organization require this leadership lens. We have considerable room to build diagnostic and prescriptive tools for dealing with these leadership issues.