What is a Decision Professional?

April 16, 2024 10am - April 16, 2024 10:30am

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Speaker: Ellen Coopersmith (Decision Frameworks)


What does it mean to be a decision professional?

The society is committed to creating a great decision every time, but how do we actually do that? Three professional themes tie us together:Decision Leadership: Serving the human decision maker as they make choices that shape the future – taking full responsibility for both finding good answers but also doing so in a way that responds to human foibles, fears and motivations.

  • Decision Quality: It is easy to second guess a choice in hindsight, but much harder to know you’ve made a good decision at the time you make it. We have (and improve) measurements and standards for decision quality.
  • Decision Engineering: We are practitioners who use a robust toolkit of proven methods to produce better decisions. We find the right tools and assemble them to meet the requirements of the situation, which spans supporting specific decisions to adjusting organizational processes to improve decision making.