The Challenges and Lessons of Developing a Sustainable Decision-Making Culture

April 17, 2024 1pm - April 17, 2024 1:45pm

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Co-Presenting: Christa Roemkens, Mike Benefiel & Ellen Vernotzy (Chevron)


Creating a sustainable decision making culture is a continuous work-in-progress. Just as businesses and industries evolve to adapt to changing drivers, so the decision making culture must adapt too. It is shaped as much by a company's specific culture as by the trends in general and project management philosophy. Inevitably, components put in place with the best intentions take on a life of their own and can become obstacles rather than enablers of efficient and effective decision making. The response is often to blame the tools, rather than how they are being used - leading to a cycle of periodic upheaval that seldom leads to the desired improvements. How can we break this cycle? (Spoiler alert - there is no silver bullet).