Using Conversational Swarm AI for Optimized Group Decision Making

April 17, 2024 11:15am - April 17, 2024 12pm

Speaker: David Baltaxe (Unanimous AI)


Making smart decisions is critically important to every organization. So how can we use AI to improve the decision-making process? Some companies are using generative AI to replace people with data- and algorithmic-driven decisions, but this takes people out of the loop and often leads to suboptimal results. At the 2023 SDP conference, we showcased a new technology called Swarm AI, which integrates humans and AI and connects groups of people together and amplifies their combined intelligence. Based on the remarkable properties of biological swarms, Swarm AI empowers networked human teams to quickly tap into their combined knowledge, wisdom, and insight to generate more accurate forecasts, estimations, and predictions. This leads to better, smarter decisions. The newest iteration of Swarm AI, called Conversational Swarm AI (CSI), represents a dramatic improvement. Unlike previous versions, CSI allows groups of any size to converse naturally using text chat and allows for answering open-ended questions and solving unstructured problems. This talk will review how CSI works and exciting commercial applications for the energy sector.