Extending Good Decision Making Skills Beyond the Workplace | Facilitated Discussion with Q&A

April 18, 2024 9am - April 18, 2024 10am

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Co-Chairs: Amy Day (Clarity4Action.Org) & Stefanie McLaney (Decision Education Foundation)

Panel: Steve Begg (The University of Adelaide), Terry Karner (Astellas), Kuno Huisman (ASML)


Decision Professionals know the value of DQ in their own lives and careers, yet many would like to help others learn these effective tools. This session will bring together Decision Professionals who have acted on that impulse with encouraging results. Participants will gain insights from these professionals, who will share their experiences and methodologies in imparting decision-making skills to diverse groups such as youth, parents, and educators. The focus will be on practical applications within educational settings, community organizations, and through strategic partnerships. Additionally, the session will feature an interactive panel discussion, accompanied by Q&A designed to address specific questions, and facilitate a deeper understanding for attendees looking to adapt these practices in their respective areas of influence.