Let’s Talk Strategy Development and Facilitation

April 18, 2024 1pm - April 18, 2024 1:30pm

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Speaker: Bill Haskett (Haskett Consulting International)


Do you really have a strategy? Strategy development and implementation support is a different flavour of decision support from that provided within most projects. While our Decision Quality principles remain intact, a shift that emphasizes greater context, positioning, and pathway/vehicle is required. The Objective emphasis shifts to access, materiality, positioning, control, and preservation. Hambrick and Fredrickson developed an excellent approach to strategy development in the early 2000’s citing five components (Location, Vehicles, Staging, Differentiation, and Economic Logic) but it deserves updating from our decision and facilitation perspective. As guides to strategy development, we must ensure a greater emphasis on effective implementation. For example, it isn’t good enough to only differentiate. Competitive advantage (offensive and defensive) must have direction and “stickiness”. The sub-elements of Materiality, Access, Differentiation, and Preservation lead to a critical success element, Control. All elements support objective fulfilment of a desired preferred/prioritized objectives.

Our task as Strategy and Decision Support professionals is to ensure the strategy is comprehensive, integrated, and logical. An updated objective-based strategy model will be developed and illustrated that will provide a logical approach to constructing and implementing successful strategies.