April 15, 2024 8am - April 15, 2024 12pm

Workshop Abstract:      

Dive deep into the fascinating world of biases and discover how they shape our decisions, often without us even realizing it. Whether you're just starting your journey into understanding biases or looking to refine your expertise, this workshop is for you.

A maze of uncertainty, novelty or complexity lie at the heart of many decisions. While Decision Analysis (DA) provides us with powerful tools to navigate this maze, it's essential to ensure our decisions aren't clouded by hidden biases – bias, rather than uncertainty itself, is a major cause of poor decisions, and thus undesirable outcomes. Subject matter expertise provides no protection from these biases and can even amplify them!

In this engaging workshop, we'll not only delve into the science behind biases but also embrace the lighter side, exploring the amusing "quirks" of human “reasoning”. Through interactive demonstrations and discussions, you'll gain insights into:

  • The intricate relationship between decision-making, judgment, and our brain's inner workings.
  • The pitfalls of using intuition, especially in uncertain, novel or complex situations.
  • The value-destroying impact of biases on decision outcomes (regardless of how “value” is measured)
  • Effective strategies to recognize and counteract biases.
  • A deep dive into the most prevalent and impactful biases.
  • Visual illusions as a captivating metaphor to understand and remember bias concepts.

This workshop is intended for:

  • New/Beginner Decision Practitioners
  • Intermediate Decision Practitioners
  • Experience Decision Practitioners


Reidar Bratvold (University of Stavanger)

Steve Begg (The University of Adelaide)