April 15, 2024 8am - April 15, 2024 12pm

Workshop Abstract:

Refine your decision framing skills and become strong decision framers. Understand different framing workflows for a variety of decisions and learn how to apply the appropriate framing steps/tools to enable informed decisions for EACH type of decision problem. Learn to facilitate the framing workflows to enable productive dialogue and thoughtful and informed decision frames. This interactive class will be divided into three framing teams. Each will be framing the same interesting opening a new business strategy, which is an industry agnostic case using different framing workflow: Standard Decision Framing, De-risking Decision Framing and Scenario Thinking Decision Framing. Facilitation skills to ensure efficient framing of the workflows and dialogue with decision makers will tighten the skill set, along with Decision Frameworks Decision Quality Toolbox as very useful reference manual post the course.

This workshop is intended for:

  • New/Beginner Decision Practitioners
  • Intermediate Decision Practitioners
  • Experienced Decision Practitioners


Ellen Coopersmith, President (Decision Frameworks)

Ray Spence, Sr. Consultant (Decision Frameworks)

Ashley Corso, Consultant (Decision Frameworks)