From Research to Retail - A Decision Quality Approach to Technology Commercialization

    • Author: Ashley Corso (Decision Frameworks)

    • Abstract:

    • How can labs and organizations tackle the perennial R&D challenge of technology maturation and commercialization—often a long, winding road? They can look to Decision Quality which provides a clear path through the fraught journey.

      This presentation shares a proven, unique Decision Quality (DQ) approach used by several national laboratories and the Critical Materials Institute (CMI), completed in 2022. The goal was the application of DQ to define alternative pathways for the maturation and commercialization of innovative technologies to overcome critical technical problems and secure industry partners. Key to the process was the combination of technology and commercialization issues into a cohesive frame that utilized helpful DQ tools such as Uncertainty Tables, Scenario Trees, and Strategy Tables in a collaborative manner with industry and laboratory partners.