Lymphocyte kinetics impact the overall survival of esophageal cancer patients receiving chemoradiation

    • Authors: Yiqing (Luna) Chen, MSc , Radhe Mohan, PhD, Yan Chu, MSc , Peter S.N. van Rossum, MD, PhD, Steven H. Lin, MD, PhD, Brian P. Hobbs, PhD

    • Abstract:

    • This study identified a notable correlation between the rate of depletion and recovery in radiation-induced lymphocyte kinetics after the commencement of CRT. Our findings suggested that, when compared to patients receiving PBT, patients receiving IMRT experienced more volatile ALC kinetics defined by steeper depletion of lymphocytes, followed by a rapid recovery. These significant fluctuations in lymphocyte count were strongly associated with poorer OS. The association with lymphocyte kinetics remains significant among non-surgical patients.