OMV’s ODQ implementation journey

  • Authors: Jost Püttmann, Walter Kosi, Martin Vögele, Donia Wamani (OMV)

  • Abstract:

OMV is a Vienna based energy company with an Upstream division and Exploration & Production

activities in 13 countries. In 2020 an ODQ implementation initiative was started. The implementation journey will be sketched from the initial connection to a digitization program, to developing a DQ flag ship. It will shed light on the challenges of a bottom-up initiative and will highlight important implementation factors that were rolled-out or falsely missed out.

The implementation initiative started in the Development area and used an upstream wide digitization program as “carrier” for obtaining resources & funds. An OMV implementation strategy was developed using information from SDP and external consultants and connected to already existing DQ elements that were already existing in the internal governance system or the overall ways of working.

The implementation strategy was built on the four workstream:

  • Process & Governance
  • Organization
  • System & Tools
  • Culture

A projects portfolio was established with project that targeted the goals of the different workstreams. ODQ workshop were organized to detect business areas with dysfunctional decision culture and to identify clients for a more specific implementation of DQ processes. Exploration developed to become the main client for DQ/DA implementation and several DDP’s and smaller DQ projects were conducted while developing a DQ framework, like a Decision Agenda.

Several successful DQ projects demonstrating the benefits and value generation. The overall ODQ implementation was however impacted by significant events like the Ukraine war, change of leadership team and major reorganizations. These factors were one reason that prevented a top down ODQ implementation, other aspects will be described.

  • Modules of the so-called Decision Management Plan were developed for the software system FDPlan within a co-development with Schlumberger. Furthermore, a DQ process orchestration application was developed inhouse.