Leslie Lippard

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

Leslie Lippard is currently serving as the Senior Director of Strategy and Portfolio at Alnylam, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the pharmaceutical industry. With a background in physics, Leslie earned a BS degree from Caltech and further honed strategic and managerial skills through an MBA from the University of Oregon, proudly representing the Ducks. Prior to joining Alnylam, Leslie held pivotal roles in Genentech's Pipeline & Portfolio Planning and worked as a SDG Consultant. Beyond corporate endeavors, Leslie has delved into entrepreneurship, market research, and pharmaceutical project management. Actively engaged in professional development, Leslie has contributed significantly to the field as a current member of the certification committee, and has previously served as president and conference co-chair. Beyond the boardroom, Leslie finds joy in biking, strolls for meaningful conversations, and appreciates the beauty of art and nature.